Born in Providence, Rhode Island, Ronnie moved during his teenage years to Southern Orange County, California. Ronnie has always found his joy in entertaining others. Ronnie found his love for acting during his high school years taking an acting class at the age of 17. After the first class he had made up his mind, he would be an actor. As soon as Ronnie finished high school he packed up and moved to Los Angeles to study the arts. First stop, New York Film Academy for a one year intensive. 

At the New York Film Academy Ronnie learned all the aspects of as many techniques offered. During his time at the academy, Ronnie also tried out stand up and fell in love with the feeling of being on stage and making people laugh, from there he went on to The Groundlings to hone his comedy skills. Through a classmate at The Groundlings, Ronnie became involved as a writer and performer with the comedy sketch group Secondhand Smog. 

Growing as a writer Ronnie in partner with The Artist Theater Group and Gadabout Ensemble Co. wrote and edited and acting in the play “Eating Out.” Which was put up at a small theater in Hollywood for a 6 week run.